Kamdebo Care Lodge is a permanent residential facility offering abode, meals, laundry, 24 hour care and related activities. Our aim is to provide professional care at affordable prices.  Our approach is to move away from the institutionalized look and feel of the existing establishments. We endeavor to create an environment that emulates the home to which the patients were accustomed to when they still lived with their families, hence the decision to accommodate the patients in converted residential properties, rather than high-rise hospital like buildings.

Kamdebo Care Lodge is situated in Pretoria North and our Home is close to Akasia Hospital / Eugene Marais Hospital.  We are also in partnership with Noord Pharmacy for delivering medication to our front door if needed.  Medical Aids usually cover the transfer of patients to hospital but not back, therefore we are also in partnership with Lifemed, who has agreed to transfer our patients back to us free of charge.

  • Create a homelike feel
  • Encourage independence
  • Provide specialist non-medical care
  • Support life skills and individuality
  • Promote self-esteem
  • Enable freedom of choice
  • Provide family support and interaction
  • Provide nutritious meals and ensuring the consumption thereof
  • Assist with personal hygiene
  • Assist movement and exercise
  • Assisting with mental stimulation
  • Administer chronic medicine
  • Identify when external medical care is necessary